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    Each bottle in the HARMONY series includes a one-of-a-kind Black Joy Meditation and suggested instructions on how to use this RITUAL OBJECT to amplify your joy written by Darnita & Tamara Boynton-Howard.

    Why do the BLACK JOY BOTTLES increase in price?
    Those who can quickly and readily see the value of BLACK JOY will be the first to benefit from the undeniable magic conducted through these ritual objects.

    Many people can only recognize the *value* in something when it is considered to be precious and/or rare. Black Joy has value to the REAL LIVE Black People who participated in this project. Like limited edition prints-- the value of Black Joy increases as it's availability decreases.

    After the Black Imagination: Ritual Objects exhibit closes (8/6 - 9/2), all remaining objects will be available for $102.

    RITUAL OBJECT: Black Joy Bottle (HARMONY)

    • Darnita L. Howard is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, and author residing in Burien, WA. With an obsession of patterns in tow, she creates digital fractals, textiles, and paintings to explore nature, cosmic design, culture, and spirituality. Her purpose is to bring more awareness about the beauty and wonderment residing in self and the world, seen and unseen with the naked eye, her wife, Tamara Boynton Howard is generous with her time and her skills, and is equally obsessed with K-Pop and travel.

      Darnita & Tamara have infused these Black Joy Bottles with their harmonic and loving joy.

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