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    Each bottle in the CLARITY series includes a one-of-a-kind Black Joy Meditation and suggested instructions on how to use this RITUAL OBJECT to amplify your joy written by Brian Broome.


    Why do the BLACK JOY BOTTLES increase in price?
    Those who can quickly and readily see the value of BLACK JOY will be the first to benefit from the undeniable magic conducted through these ritual objects.

    Many people can only recognize the *value* in something when it is considered to be precious and/or rare. Black Joy has value to the REAL LIVE Black People who participated in this project. Like limited edition prints-- the value of Black Joy increases as it's availability decreases.

    After the Black Imagination: Ritual Objects exhibit closes (8/6 - 9/2), all remaining objects will be available for $102.

    RITUAL OBJECT: Black Joy Bottle (CLARITY)

    • Brian Broome is a black, gay man, who is quite candid about being in recovery from alcohol and drug addition-- he has joy to spare and share. He is a writer and Leroy K. Irvis Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh. His work can be found in Creative Nonfiction, Hippocampus and Longreads. For more, please visit have been moments of solitude and silence when I have literally taken my right hand, placed it over my left shoulder, and patted myself on the back for surviving small-town Ohio. And if you are a black person from small-town Ohio, you deserve it, too. Go ahead. Do it now. Pat yourself on the back and be proud that you are still standing upright. Because, I may be biased, but I am fully confident that the entire state of Ohio is nothing but a racist cesspool. - Public Source 

      Each bottle in the CLARITY series is infused with Brian's genuine joyful wisdom.

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