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[Sites of Power] Hasaan Kirkland

"I feel powerful when I feel God's presence in my prayer life and when I feel his anointing through life on certain circumstances or experiences. When my wife feels safe, protected, not stressed, and secure in our life/marriage, physically, emotionally, intimately, spiritually, financially, and subconsciously. When my children are safe and not stressed or disoriented in their world, and when I am physically, emotionally, intimately, spiritually, financially, and subconsciously healthy. When I am in my element of life or calling, amid using my gifts and talents, when I am giving of myself freely, and when I am learning. When I am standing up against injustice, bullies, confronting disrespect, standing up for myself, or protecting others. "

Dear Black People, "Remember to do these things Love, Courage, Honor, Faith, Think, Speak, Do, Heal, Hug, Laugh, Help, Stand, Fight, Protect, Sacrifice, Remember, Move, Health, Build, Balance, Remove, Pray, Read, Save, Invest, Create, Live." +MORE


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