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[Sites of Power] Julia Ismael

"I feel powerful when I remember I'm always powerful, that this very moment holds infinite possibilities of choice, of thought. "I'm choosing to think in this way, and I can change my mind if I want." Isn't that one way to SEE power? By the ability to influence thinking? Usually, it's others' thinking, but how powerful to be able to change my own mind!"

Dear Black People, "our story is the story of humanity. In our hair, the tenor of our voices, the sway of our hips, humanity fed itself full full full. We, the everything, grew from Blackness, the dark womb of the first woman. Honor the Black woman as the first woman and when we all do, they shall all finally see! The dam shall finally rupture and flood them in our redemption. It shall run through and over them, a tempest with its massive: the reckoning! Do you see it?! Then, just as a good mother will, do you see how we shall bathe ALL children in love? This is the nature of those who know darkness, to love. We, Black people, fluent in calamity and creation. We speak community and ubuntu. We share our food. When you, in your ever bold ways, gaze into the future and over the calmed waters of our redemption, see your joy rising. Like the sun. For all to love. Our rightful place, a full revolution." +MORE

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