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144 Days of #BlackJoy, a Digital Meditation

The idea behind this collaborative meditation is that *together* we have the power to create and influence the world we want to live in by refocusing on our joy on our beautiful black selves as a simple but powerful revolutionary act. As we hold our joy aloft like a candle in our minds, we can work towards healing & wholeness together.

Beginning on July 1, 2018, (concluding on November 22, 2018) a cohort of 33 "BLACK JOY SUSTAINERS" began holding this digital meditation by posting daily on social media about their own black joy (and tagging each post with the #blackjoy hashtag). We are dedicated to holding onto the idea and the substance of our own joy. 


The hope is that we can assemble 144 black folks to collaboratively meditate on black joy together for 144 days!

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